Lovely Lilac Satin Bonnet (6571133239354)

Lovely Lilac Satin Bonnet

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Preserve and protect your hair while you sleep with this premium bonnet made with luxurious high-quality satin. Great for retaining moisture in your hair, preventing breakage, reducing frizz, and maintaining your hairstyles so they last longer! 

Say Goodbye to regular cotton pillows that will suck the moisture from your hair leaving it dry and frizzy. 


  • Lovely Lilac Bonnet 
  • Handmade 
  • Double layered - 2 thick layers of 100% satin
  • Comfortable - Soft, silky satin that feels extremely soft to the touch 
  • Large Size - fits almost any head, length of hair and hairstyle. 
  • Adjustable - Includes an easy-to-use drawstring & elastic that adjusts to the size of your head to hold the bonnet in place.


Large, Adjustable size fits most