3 Easy Hairstyles For Transitioning Natural Hair


Managing varying textures can be difficult, especially if you’re transitioning to natural hair after years of chemical or heat straightening. It can be so frustrating trying to blend your new growth with the rest of your hair. This can cause your styles to not work out quite how you want. If you’re transitioning to natural hair and are looking for ways to blend the textures, here are five hairstyles that might help. 

Twist Outs

Twist Out on Natural Hait


This is normally the first style you learn when you’re transitioning to natural hair. This super easy style consists of twisting wet hair and letting it dry, to create spiral-like curls. You should seal your twists with a gel to ensure the curls are uniformly defined across textures. We recommend our BOUNCE Curl Defining Cream or our SCULPT Curl Defining Gel for a stronger hold. To avoid straight ends, you can add perm rods to the ends of your twist. 

Braid Outs

Braid out on Natural Hair


If you prefer waves over spirals, a braid out might be the way to go. You’d follow the same routine. Detangle and wet the hair with water and some sort of moisturizer, then seal with a cream or gel before braiding. Just like with twist outs, the size and tightness with which you braid will determine the amount of definition you have. Play with different sizes for different looks! 

Top Knot Bun

Top Knot on Natural Hair


This easy going style is a great way to hide your line of demarcation. You can go for a super slick top knot with laid baby hairs, or you can do a slightly messy top knot with some curly flyaways for a more laid back look. Either way, your ends will be tucked away, so the difference in textures will be harder to see. 


What are some ways you styled your hair during your transition? Share in the comments. 

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