5 Reasons You Should Wash Your Natural Hair Weekly

1. It Promotes Growth

It’s important that you keep a clean scalp and hair if you want to create the conditions for hair growth. Weekly washes will help you stay on top of any dirt or oil that might buildup between shampoos. If you have an active lifestyle and/or sweat a lot, we recommend our DETOX Clarifying & Detoxifying Shampoo. If you have a regular activity level, our CLEANSED Sulfate-free Shampoo will do perfectly. 

2. It Prevents Product Buildup


Just like weekly shampoos can prevent dirt and oil from building up on your hair and scalp, they can also prevent product build up. When you skip washes and instead layer  moisturizers and oil on top of your dirty hair, that can lead to build up. Build up prevents your hair from taking in moisture, which can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. 

3. It Helps With Moisture Retention

More often than not, your hair needs water. Going more than a week without washing your hair can leave your strands parched. Weekly washes allow you to give your hair a good dose of water, and gives you the chance to replenish your conditioners, leave-ins, and curl creams. This will leave your hair juicy, moisturized, and defined until your next wash. 

4. It Prevents Matting

Weekly washes also give you the opportunity to detangle thoroughly every seven days. Going long periods of time without deshedding and detangling your natural hair can lead to extreme knots and matting. This is a recipe for breakage. It’s best to stay on top of the problem before it becomes one. 

5. It Helps With Length Retention 

All and all, weekly washes keeps the health of your hair in a better place. Consistent upkeep makes for stronger, longer hair. 

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How often do you wash your hair? Share with us in the comments. 

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