5 Stunning Natural Haircut Shapes To Try

While a drastic cut can be scary for some of us naturals who have been guarding our length with our lives, a great haircut can really change your whole look, and your whole lease on life. Haircuts can frame your face in ways you may have  never seen. It can add to your overall look, making you look more polished and put together. If you’re looking to get your tresses cut, we have a few shapes for you to consider. 

Heart Shaped Cut

Heart Shaped Natural Haircut


This fun and flirty haircut shape is perfect for those naturals among us who love to wear wash and gos or twist outs. Your curls will fall so elegantly around your face. This cut works best for longer curls to mid-awkward length curls. 

Tapered Cut

Tapered Cut Natural Hair


If you’re looking for something a touch less high maintenance, a tapered cut might be the one for you. This shorter cut is a favorite among naturals who are busy with school, work, family, etc. There are a few different ways you can do it. You can leave a bit of length in the front, or opt for something shorter. This is a cut you can really make your own. 


Mohawk Natural Hair

For the more daring naturals, ready for a drastic change, you may want to consider a mohawk. This cut is eye-catching. And just like with a tapered cut, you can really make it your own with varying lengths, colors, and designs. 


Buzzcut Natural Hair


This style here is the queen of all low maintenance haircuts. A buzz cut is perfect for when you want to make time for other responsibilities, let your beautiful face shine more, or even if you just want a fresh start. You can also customize this cut to fit your style. You can color it, add designs, wear waves, lay your baby hairs. Despite it being the shortest cut on this list, there is still a lot of room to play with this one. 


Undercut on Natural Hair


Finally, the undercut is great for anyone who just wants to add a little more intrigue to their current look. This cut can add some edge to anyone’s look, and can be spiced up with designs or even color. 

Would you try any of these haircuts? Let us know in the comments. 

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