How To Do A Three Strand Twist Out Like A Pro


There is no shortage of two strand twist out tutorials online. They’re so prolific, it feels like the kind of thing every natural, whether new or old, should know how to do. It’s fairly simple, really. Take two pieces of hair, moisturize the section, and wrap them firmly in a twisting motion around one another. Let them dry, take them down, and you’ll have bouncy curls. There is a variation of this technique that is a little less simple, but all the more rewarding. Three strand twist outs offer a style with tighter, more defined curls, and less frizz. The only hurdle is figuring out how to do it, but we have a few tips that might make that easier. 

Tip #1: Collect Your Tools

Just like if you were doing a two strand twist out, you’re gonna need to start this style with the right products and tools at hand. You’ll need a leave-in conditioner and a cream or gel. We recommend our BOOST Hydrating Curl Refresher & Leave-In Spray, and our BOUNCE Curl Defining Cream or SCULPT Curl Defining Gel. You’re also gonna want to start with fully detangled hair, so a good wide tooth comb should do the trick. 

Tip #2: Twist It Up!

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty; how does one three strand twist. The biggest challenge here is resisting the urge to start braiding. What you want to do is bring the piece of hair on the far left over to the far right. Do that over and over again, without weaving the hair into a braid, until you get to the ends of your hair. If you’re having trouble, it may help to start with braiding at the root. Then, once you have a solid base, start the twisting. 

Tip #3: Let it Dry Completely 

Just like any twist out, you’re gonna want to let your hair dry completely before taking it. This technique typically causes very little frizz, but if you take your twists down when they’re still damp you won’t reap the benefits. You can let the twists air dry or hit them with a blowdryer. Just be sure to spray on some heat protectant. 

Once the twists are dry, cover your hands in oil to reduce friction and take them down. Separate the curls until you get the look you want. 

Three Strand Twist Out



Have you ever three strand twisted your hair? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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