How To Dye Natural Hair Without Damage

Wanna switch up your look? Braids, wigs, and protective styles not quite doing it for you anymore? If you’re looking for a fun way to change your hair, a new color could be the way to go. But before you grab a box dye and get started, here are some things you’ll want to know in order to get a lovely color with none of the damage. 

Pick Your Color

This might feel like a silly step to specify. Of course you need to pick your color first, but it’s important because it will inform what your coloring process will look like. If you have brown hair and want to dye your hair a deep, dark red, that is a different process from you having dark brown or black hair and wanting to dye it a light brown or blonde. You should first determine if the color you want would require your hair to be lightened (i.e bleached). Whether your hair will require lightening or not, you should make sure your hair is in good condition before coloring. However, if your hair will require lightening, you should pay extra attention to the condition of your hair before bleaching and coloring. 

Bleached Natural Hair

This is because bleach can be very damaging if done incorrectly or on weak, unhealthy hair. Hair bleach works by oxidizing the melanin molecules in your strands, breaking down your outer-cuticle shell, and causing a chemical reaction that results in permanent change. For this reason, any potential damage the bleach would cause would be permanent as well. This is why it’s important you fortify your hair with protein and moisture well before any coloring takes place. 

Miche Beauty Protein and Deep conditioning mask

Get It Done Professionally

Remember what we said about waiting before you grab that box dye? This is why. Unless you have some cosmetology training, getting your hair professionally colored might be your best option. Although it can cost a bit more, you’re more likely to get exactly what you want on the first try. Oftentimes, DIY dye jobs can result in spotty coverage, over processing, or outright catastrophe. You could end up doing the dying process over multiple times before you get something close to what you want. Believe us; you get what you pay for. 

Another reason you may want to leave it to the professionals is they will have access to higher quality dye than is likely sold at beauty supply stores or drugstores. This will leave you with color that looks better and lasts longer. Your hairstylist can also give you a consultation on the health of your hair beforehand, and the two of you can come up with a plan for the best way to achieve the color you want while maintaining your hair's health. 

Do Not Wash Your Hair Right Before

Once you’ve got your appointment booked, resist the urge to wash your hair right before you sit in the chair. Your hair doesn’t necessarily need to be filthy. It just shouldn’t be squeaky clean. The reason for this is that color tends not to stick well to clean hair. The oil left on your strands between washes helps the color penetrate your hair. So skip that wash a couple days before your appointment. 

Talk To Your Stylist About Maintenance

Once your color is done, you should talk to your stylist about maintenance. Maintenance needs will differ slightly from head to head but general things to look out for will be color fade and root touch ups. Keep in mind that if your stylist uses permanent color, it will not just wash out on it’s own. You will have to grow it out or lift the color away. So when you’re making the decision to permanently color your hair, be sure that this is something you can see yourself sticking to. 

For more in depth information on what to expect when coloring your natural hair, click the video below.

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