The Big Chop: Everything You Need To Know About Going Natural

Life during quarantine has inspired many women to ditch their relaxers and begin their natural hair journey. The change from relaxed to natural can be a challenging process to undertake especially for first-time naturals. Because of the challenge of managing two different textures, some decide to big chop early in their transition. This can be a freeing experience and also a scary one. With that said, the big chop isn’t for everyone. Read on as we share tips on if the big chop is the right decision for you and how you can do the big chop at home. 

What Is The Big Chop?

The big chop is the act of cutting off your relaxed or chemically processed hair therefore revealing your true natural hair texture. The big chop is the quickest way to become 100% natural.  Those who decide to do the big chop typically transition for a couple of months before cutting their hair.

Ready To Do The Big Chop? 3 Key Questions To Ask Yourself

Deciding to big chop after a few months of transitioning can be nerve-racking. Ask yourself the three questions below before making your decision.

1. Are You Tired Of Managing Two Hair Textures?

Dealing with both your relaxed and natural hair can be difficult. You may experience breakage at the line of demarcation and blending the two hair textures is less than easy. Transitioning for another 6 months or a year may be a headache and as they say, ‘Nobody got time for that!’

2. Are You Comfortable Rocking Short Hair?

If you decide to big chop, you’ll most likely lose a lot of length and your hair will appear much shorter because of shrinkage. If buns or ponytails are your go-to hairstyles then you may want to wait and grow your hair out for a few months longer. 
With that said, if short hair scares you but you still want to do the big chop, protective styles like wigs, box braids, and twists can be a great solution until your hair grows longer.

3. Do You Have A Natural Hair Regimen In Place?

It’s important to start your natural hair journey on the right foot. Learning the best regimen that works for your hair type is essential. This is your time to explore the best products and healthy hair habits that will make your hair thrive. Take note of your regimen, ask your stylist for tips and recommendations, and watch YouTube videos for inspiration. 

It’s Go Time! Here’s How To Do The Big Chop At Home

 Although we recommend going to a natural hairstylist for your big chop, you can definitely begin the process at home and have your stylist shape and clean up your cut afterward. 

 To begin, you want to start your cut on hair that is freshly washed and air-dried. Be sure to not straighten or manipulate your hair into twist outs, braids, or roller sets. A wash-and-go is best as your hair will be in its most natural state and the line of demarcation will be more visible. 

 Next, begin to part your hair in 4 sections. According to Yahoo, “Begin by leaving one section out and using clips to keep the rest away from the piece you're cutting. From that one section, take small pieces of hair and cut below the line of demarcation on your first pass.”

Be sure to cut less than you intend to give yourself wiggle room for any mistakes. Continue cutting until there are no more relaxed or chemically-processed ends. 

You’re Now Natural! How To Style Your Hair Post Big Chop


As you begin to explore your new texture, we recommend experimenting with different products and hairstyles. You’ll notice how shrinkage affects your hair type and how different ingredients may or may not work well with your hair.

A basic hair care regimen for natural hair includes a weekly shampoo, moisturizing deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and a defining butter and/or gel. Based on your hair type and density, you’ll begin to develop a regimen that works best for your specific needs. Don't know where to start – Miche Beauty has an entire collection of hair care products for all curl types that will leave you with happy, healthy, defined, and super-moisturized hair. 

For those with TWAs and short hair, we recommend trying out curl-defining styles like wash-and-gos and finger coils.

Congratulations on starting your new natural hair journey! The big chop is the beginning of an amazing path to healthier hair. Comment below and share with us if you’re considering doing the big chop yourself. 

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