10 Stunning Protective Hairstyles You’ll Want To Try This Year

Why do we love protective styles? There are thousands of reasons! First, we love them because it gives us a break from everyday styling and we can expedite 3 hour-long wash days to only 30 minutes. Also, when done correctly, protective styles can lead to length retention and less breakage because you’re not constantly manipulating your hair. Lastly, protective hairstyles are the best way to change up your look without a long term commitment. You can play around with color and different styles becoming a style chameleon while your natural hair flourishes. From passion twists to wigs to box braids, the ten protective hairstyles below should be next on your to-do list.

1. Ombre Box Braids

Ombre Box Braids

Image Source: @HeyCurlie

Box braids will forever be a protective style staple. But what makes these box braids worn by beauty and lifestyle influencer, @HeyCurlie, different is the ombre effect. Request this look for your next hair appointment to switch up your ‘do.  


2. Passion Twists 

Passion Twists hairstyle

Image Source: @nae2curly   Photographer: @jaiiwave

If you’re eager to try something other than braids, passion twists are a great alternative. Natural hair influencer,
@nae2curly, shares a beginner-friendly tutorial on her YouTube channel so you can try this style at home.


3. Faux Hipsta Locs

Faux Hipsta Locs hairstyle

Image Source: @jassl_ 

Looking to switch it up, try Hipsta Locs! Beauty content creator, Jasmine Defined, rocks hers in a reddish hue. A cute look for my edgy naturalistas. Check out her tutorial for this look here.


4. Braided Double Cornrows

Braided Double Cornrows protective hairstyle

Image Source: @ravishing_tresses

This unique protective hairstyle is both cute and simple. Bonus points: no added hair is needed! Content creator, Jeanette J Beauty, breaks it all down in her YouTube video. If you’re interested in a low maintenance protective hairstyle, this is the one to try. 


Are you a naturalista with coily or kinky hair? Check out our protective hairstyle tutorial below to inspire your next look. 

5. Chic Bob Wig

Bob Wig Protective Style

Image Source: msnaturallymary_

Wigs are a super fun way to do a protective style and you don’t need an expensive one either. Beauty and lifestyle influencer, Ms. Naturally Mary, super chic bob wig costs only $30. Yes, $30! Watch her YouTube video to see how she styles and applies it. 


6. Beaded Flat Twists

Flat Twist Protective Hairstyle

Image Source: @aishcurls_

This beaded flat twist hairstyle created by curly hair influencer, @aishcurls_, gives us Grecian goddess vibes. Styled on blow dried hair, this hairstyle can take you from Zoom calls to a night out. 

7. Butterfly Locs

Butterfly Locs Protective Hairstyle

Image Source: @dayelasoul 

Interested in a more bohemian vibe? Try butterfly locs! Beauty and lifestyle influencer, @Dayelasoul, looks amazing in her bob length faux locs.

8. Mini Twists

Mini Twists Protective Hairstyle

Image Source: @brianalynee 

A versatile protective style you can try is mini twists. Beauty influencer, Briana Lynee, looks amazing with her shoulder-length twists. 


9. Classic Cornrows

Cornrows Protective Hairstyle

Image Source: @HeyCurlie 

It doesn’t get more classic than cornrows. It just never goes out of style. @HeyCurlie does it again with her straight back precise cornrows with added hair. 


10. Half-Up Half-Down Twists

Twists Protective Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Image Source: @kandidkinks 

No extensions are required for this style if your hair is on the longer side. This hairstyle is a gorgeous twist (no pun intended) on the original half-up half-down style. Lifestyle and beauty content creator, @kandidkinks, looks flawless as she styled her twists on blow dried hair. 


Did you enjoy these 10 protective hairstyles? Which one was your favorite? Comment below and share with us!


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  • Malisa Malone

    Can a protective style be regular twists you would use for a twist out after cleansing and conditioning? Only you just leave them twisted until next wash day?

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