5 Reasons Why Your Ends Keep Breaking

Do you ever get frustrated that no matter how up to date you are with your trims, your ends just keep breaking? Here are five reasons you could be overlooking. 

You’re Not Trimming Properly


Yes, you might be up to date on your trims, but have you been trimming your hair correctly? If you don’t get your trims done professionally, you could be making a few mistakes at home. For one, you could just not be trimming enough off. The remaining split ends could lead to more breakage. You could also be trimming your hair with dull scissors. This can damage the cuticle further, leading to additional breakage. Ultimately though, we highly recommend getting a professional trim every 4 months or seasonally to ensure the cut is even and that you’re trimming enough off. 

You’re Too Rough On Your Hair

Natural hair is not made of steel. You have to be gentle with it, particularly your ends. They are the oldest and most delicate part of your hair.  If you tend to be a bit rough while detangling or styling your hair, that could be causing your ends to break. We know natural hair care can be frustrating at times, but try to remember to be patient. 

You’re Not Protecting Your Hair

It’s important to have fun with your hair, but wearing it out all the time can damage your hair by exposing it to the elements. It’s equally important to wear protective styles that tuck your ends away and help with length retention. 


 Or….You’re Doing Protective Styling All Wrong

Yes, there is such a thing as improper protective styling. A lot of naturals think protective styles like braids and twists are the key to length retention, but a lot of times it can cause more harm than good. If you’re using extensions, sometimes the synthetic hair can be rough and cause your hair to break. Or you could experience breakage during take down if you aren't careful. Not only that, but styles that are overly tight or heavy can cause hair to break.  Check out this article on how to tell if your protective style is really protecting your hair. 

You Have A Moisture And/Or Protein Imbalance 

If none of these other reasons feel plausible, then you could have a moisture and/or protein imbalance. Over moisturizing or under moisturizing will both lead to breakage. The same goes for protein; if your hair has too much or too little protein, that can cause breakage. It’s important to maintain a good balance. We recommend using our STRENGTHEN Protein & Moisture Balancing Deep Conditioner

MICHE Deep Conditioning Treatment

Do you have a hard time retaining length? Share with us in the comments. 

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