8 Reasons Why Your Wash And Go Failed And How To Fix It

1. Not properly cleansing your hair first 

Your best wash and go starts with completely clean strands. If you try to layer products on top of dirt, oil, and old product build up, you won’t get great results. It could cause your curls to be weighed down, dull, and overly dry. 

2. Not using enough water 

In order to properly activate and hydrate your curls, you are gonna need to drench your hair in water. If you don’t use enough water, you won’t achieve that juicy defined wash and go look. The water helps your hair absorb the product evenly, so you avoid white caste. We recommend our Mist Spray Bottle to keep your hair wet as you smooth and define your curls. 

3. Not using a gel with hold 

While your hair is wet it may look perfectly defined, shiny, and ready to go. But once it dries, frizz will ruin your entire style unless you seal those curls with a gel that has some hold. If your gel creates a hard caste, you can use oil to break it once the hair dries. 

4. Not smoothing enough 

A big part of the success of any wash and go is product smoothing. This is what allows for your cuticles to be closed and your strands to be completely coated, leading to an ultra defined look with little to no frizz. If you don’t smooth your products enough, your hair will come out frizzy once it’s dried. 

5. Not emulsifying the product in your hands first

Product layering is a vital step in any successful wash and go. And the way you ensure that those products mix well is by emulsifying, or rubbing  the products together in your hands first. When you don’t do that, it becomes difficult to get a smooth blend of your products. They end up being unevenly dispersed through your strands, which will affect the overall smoothness of the look.  

6. Not drying properly 

It’s very important that you dry your curls without disturbing them. Any agitation to the strands can cause unnecessary frizz. You can air dry or dry gently with a hairdryer. If you have looser curls, you can dry with a diffuser attachment. You can also dry your hair using a hooded dryer. It’s very important that you limit touching until your hair is completely dry.  

7. Not taking your time to define your curls 

While applying product to your hair, it’s important that you take your time to smooth and define each curl and coil. Doing this will ensure more definition once your hair is dry. If you don’t smooth each coil, once your hair dries, it will be more frizzy. 

8. Not having realistic expectations for your hair type 


Finally, it’s vital that you don’t compare your wash and go to a wash and go done on a texture that is completely different from yours. Every texture is beautiful. The goal is simply to get the most out of your curls, coils, or zig zags. 


What are some wash and go mistakes you’ve made? Share with us in the comments. 

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