How To Use Sculpt Curl Defining Gel For Your Best Wash And Go Ever

We’re excited to introduce Sculpt Curl Defining Gel to the Miche Beauty family! Sculpt is the first-ever gel in our collection of products and is designed to provide your curls and coils with poppin’ definition and shine. Sculpt provides a medium hold for your wash and go’s and works wonders for all curl types. It is 100% alcohol-free and handmade with all-natural ingredients including Aloe Vera and Bamboo Extract so your hair will remain touchably soft and hydrated after styling. Say goodbye to your drying and crunchy gels. Sculpt will be your next product staple so keep reading to find out why and how to apply it correctly to your hair for your best wash and go yet. 

Key Benefits Of Sculpt Defining Gel For Your Hair

Before And After Miche Beauty Sculpt Curl Defining Gel

Sculpt has a plethora of benefits for your curls and kinks that will aid in the health and feel of your hair. Check out the top 3 benefits of using Sculpt below. 

Defines Curls and Coils

Sculpt features the key ingredient aloe vera which defines and moisturizes curls. Because of its unique conditioning and hydrating properties, it instantly clumps curls and coils naturally.

Strengthens Hair

Another standout ingredient in Sculpt is Bamboo extract. Bamboo helps to strengthen and increase your hair’s elasticity. Bamboo also has amazing antioxidant properties and includes the highest amount of silica, a mineral, which helps to improve hair texture and prevent split ends.  

Adds Incredible Shine

Lastly, Sculpt adds incredible shine to your hair. Ingredients like jojoba oil give your hair added protection against dryness and breakage. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E, Vitamins B, and Zinc that nourishes your hair and locks in moisture resulting in enviable shine. 

How To Use Sculpt For Your Best Wash And Go

When using Sculpt, styling on soaking wet hair is the major key 🔑  to minimal frizz and lots of definition. For added softness and moisture, you can pair the gel with Lavish, our moisturizing leave-in conditioner but this step is completely optional as Sculpt can be used alone. 

Optional Step: Take 2-3 pumps and apply Lavish Leave-In Conditioner to your hair.

  1. Part your hair into multiple small sections and re-wet each section.
  2. Emulsify Sculpt between your hands and apply the gel to each section, raking and smoothing the product into your hair using your fingers. 
  3. Re-wet each section as needed which will ensure the gel evenly distributes throughout your hair.
  4. Dry your hair by either using a diffuser or a hooded dryer.  
  5. Don’t disturb your curls and touch your hair as it dries for a frizz-free result!

      Optional Step: Apply Polished Hair & Scalp Oil to add shine.

      For more in-depth tips for mastering this style, check out our step-by-step guide on achieving the perfect wash and go

      Plus, watch our tutorial below to see how to apply Sculpt for a curl-defining wash and go.


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