3 Ways To Minimize Frizz When Styling Natural Hair


Sometimes your natural hairstyle turns out absolutely bomb. Every curl is perfectly sculpted and perfectly placed. You have just the right amount of volume, just the right amount of stretch. It’s flawless. And other times, frizz ruins your perfect hair day plans, leaving you wondering what went wrong. We wanna cut down on some of the guesswork by giving you three tips on how to minimize frizz when styling your natural hair. 

Use A Good Styling Gel

Any natural hairstyle is only as good as the products you use to seal it. Using a good styling gel can help cut down on frizz by sealing your cuticles, ensuring that the hair dries smooth. Whether you're using the gel to set a twist out, a braid out, a wash and go, or just slicking your hair back, the right gel will give you good hold without a hard crunchy white cast. We recommend our Sculpt Curl Defining Gel for hold, definition, and shine. 

SCULPT Styling Gel MICHE Beauty

Let Your Hair Dry Completely

We know it can be tempting to go out before your hairstyle is completely dry. Maybe you’re running late or you’re just plain impatient, whatever your reason for going out with damp hair , you’ll end up with a frizzy and inconsistently shrunken style. Your hair should be dry before you go out to avoid any unnecessary frizz. If you’re in a bind time wise, it might be a good idea to pull out the blow dryer or hooded dryer. Just make sure you use a heat protectant! 

Keep Your Hands Out Of Your Hair

You’ve probably been hearing this one since you started your natural hair journey, and it’s no less true. Keep your hands out of your hair! Not only does constant touching and fiddling cause frizz, it can also cause excessive breakage. It causes friction that disturbs the cuticles and can even break the hair shaft. The more you can keep your hands out of your mane, the healthier and less frizzy it will be. 

Defined Twist Out On Natural Hair@ashleyaurion

Do you deal with frizziness often? How do you minimize it? Share in the comments. 

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