3 Ways To Stretch Your Hair Without Damage


For many of us, stretching our natural hair is a vital step in our hair care routines. Stretching not only allows for length and versatility, but it also cuts down on tangles and matting. Here are three more methods to consider the next time you want to stretch your strands.

1. Tension Method

This method combines the use of tension and a blow dryer (preferably on low or no heat setting) to dry your strands in a stretched style. By not using any combs or brushes while drying, you avoid unnecessary breakage. You simply hold the ends of your hair away from your scalp, stretching the section and drying the length of your hair. The smaller the sections, the more dramatic the stretch will be. 

2. Banding Method

Banding Natural Hair to Stretch Natural Hair

This method is super easy. You are gonna want to section your hair, moisturize the section, then add hairbands to the section from roots to ends. The closer your bands are together, the less textured your hair will be after drying. And if your bands are further apart from each other, you’ll be left with a more prominent wave pattern. Smaller sections will give you a more dramatic stretch, and larger sections will give you a more subtle stretch. 

3. Bunning Method

Bunning Natural Hair to Stretch Natural Hair


When you’re pressed for time, bunning is as good a stretching method as any. You can do one large bun at the base of your neck, or multiple smaller buns for a more dramatic stretch. This is a method you can do easily right before bed so that your hair is ready to go in the morning. And when done gently, and paired with a good moisturizing routine and a satin scarf, there's virtually no chance for damage. 

What are some ways you stretch your hair? Share with us in the comments. 

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