4 Ways to Make Thinning Curly Hair Look Thicker

Do you want to know the key to making thin curly hair look thicker? The bigger, bolder, and bouncier the curls, the better. This is the epitome of “hair goals” for natural curlies everywhere, as many of us know that extra volume can take work. 

When you have fine or low-density curls, especially, adding fullness to your hair without drying it out (or without compromising its definition) can be tricky. You’ve got an even bigger challenge on your hands if your hair is prone to shrinkage or flatness in its natural state. 

Some people just have naturally thin hair, while others experience hair loss and natural hair shedding as a result of aging or certain medical conditions (such as alopecia areata). Fortunately, our styling techniques for boosted body and fullness are pretty easy to follow. Check out these four hacks for creating extra hair volume and definition, and thinning curly hair products to go along with them.

Why Your Hair Is Thinning

Reason #1: Age

For the average person who experiences thinning hair in life, age is often the #1 contributing factor. Hair loss, stagnated hair growth, and thinning hair strands all come with the territory of aging. You can spend your earlier years with thicker, coarser hair and still see thinness later on in life. This is a natural part of the aging process that’s often accelerated during the perimenopausal stages of womanhood. 

Some women see a decline in the thickness of their strands as they navigate menopause and the hormonal changes that come with it. Hair can lose its ability to thicken and regenerate for perimenopausal women, as they are also dealing with declining female hormones–like the hair growth-stimulating hormone, oestrogen–and unchanging testosterone levels at the same time.

Reason #2: Genetics

Did you know that up to 80% of permanent hair loss points back to genetics? It’s true. There’s a possibility that thinning hair runs in the family, and if it does, accelerated periods of hair loss are likely due to genetic factors. A natural thinning hair treatment may be able to help stabilize the loss.

Reason #3: Diet

Sudden thinness of your tresses can be an alarming site if the two factors above don’t apply to you. This is where poor dieting and nutritional deficiencies come into play as possible reasons for your thinning hair. Lack of the following nutrients can further stagnate the growth of your hair follicles: 

  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamins D 
  • Vitamin B12 
  • Omega 3’s 
  • Folic Acid

Hair needs proper nourishment to sustain a healthy length and volume. Protein keratin, for instance, is crucial for strengthening and providing structure to your hair. Those who follow a protein-rich diet are less likely to experience protein insufficiencies. However, vegans and vegetarians may be troubled with duller hair if they follow a protein-deficient diet.

You can remedy this by making necessary changes to your diet, starting with the addition of more hair growth-stimulating vitamins and minerals.

How to Style Thin Curly Hair in a Way That Adds More Fullness

Although natural hair volume takes time to restore, the right styling techniques can make thin and dull curls look much fuller than it is right now. Here are our tips.

Use a Pick to Fluff Your Hair

The best thing about using a hair pick to boost volume is that it is a low-risk, high-reward product. There is virtually no damage to the hair with this heatless method, and you will still be able to achieve great results. 

Unlike other methods that leave your hair looking thin and unhealthy, the pick will give it much-needed thickness and body. Your crown will also appear more voluminous, giving your entire head of hair a more elegant look.

Use a Diffuser When Drying Your Hair


While the wash-and-go is convenient and favorable to your hair’s health, your hair may have a hard time creating the volume you want as it dries on its own. 

For added volume, use of heat may be necessary while drying your hair after your regular wash regimen. Diffusers are small devices that produce waves of moisture that permeate the air. The moisture is absorbed into the scalp and roots of your hair, leaving the curls feeling silky and smooth. Most importantly, this process adds extra volume and definition to your curls. 

A diffuser is a great alternative to using hair dryers, curling irons, and other heating tools that can damage your hair when used excessively. Its root-stretching abilities can successfully produce fuller and frizz-free curls. For best results, diffuse dry curls with your hair tilted at a 45-degree angle. 

When it’s time to dry your roots, push the diffuser against your hair to release any hair that’s matted to your scalp, and make sure that your hair is lifted upwards. Following that, you’ll want to whip your hair from side to side and the dryer angled towards your scalp. This part of the process will lift your roots and intensify your hair’s volume.

Separate Your Curls

If your natural hair lacks volume, separating your curls can add more after taking out your braid-outs, twist-outs, and perm rod sets! Just make sure to add some oil to your fingers to lock in moisture with each curl.

Style Your Hair With a Deep Side Part

It’s no secret that side parts add height and length to your hair. It’s also no secret that straight hair can get a little boring. Luckily, you can add a bit of oomph to your hairstyle by playing around with the way you part it. Different side parts will give you different levels of hair drama, so it’s worth experimenting to see which works best for you.

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