5 Easy Back To School Natural Hairstyles For Girls


School is back in session. Many of us had gotten used to a year of virtual learning for our little ones, but as a lot of students return back to in person schooling, the stress of getting your students ready for the day can be a bit overwhelming. We want to help lighten the load a little, so here are five easy back to school natural hairstyles for the coily haired babies in your life. 

Twists With Banded Sections 

Twists with Rubber Banded sections


This is one of the more complicated hairstyles on this list but it will likely last the longest! Simply separate the hair into as many sections as you want. This style is versatile and can be worn several ways throughout the school week. 

Two Afro Puffs

Two Afro Puffs For Natural Hair Girls


This one is a tried and true classic. Your natural cutie will look adorable in this easy style. To preserve the style, you can wrap the puffs into little buns and cover with a scarf. Freshen up the perimeter in the morning and send them on their way.

Two Buns With Rubber Band Details

Space Buns with Rubber Band details


This style is a more ornate variation of the last one. This space bun style with rubber band details looks intricate but is actually really easy. And there’s a lot of room to make this one your own with different colored rubber bands, barrets, etc. This is a style that, with a little daily upkeep, could last the whole week. 

Pigtails With Two Front Braids

Pigtails with Braided details


This is also a different variation of the last two styles. It’s super simple and super cute. This can be done as  afro puffs, braided or twisted pigtails, or even buns or bantu knots. You can leave the two front braids bare or add beads or barrets. Much like the other styles here, with a little daily retouching, this style can last from Monday to Friday. 

Just Let It ‘Fro!

Little Girl With Afro Hair


For those mornings when you just can’t be bothered to section hair, consider letting it ‘fro! Simply moisturize and seal your kiddo’s hair and fluff into the desired shape. You can add a headband or just leave it be without accessories. For upkeep, throw it in a few large bantu knots to keep the hair stretched and wrap with a scarf. This one may not last the whole week, depending on how rough your fro-baby is. That being said, it’s a super cute and super style for those mornings when you’re a little pressed for time or energy. 

Which of these styles is your go to? Do you have another easy Back to School hairstyle idea? Share in the comments. 

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