5 Ways To Spice Up Your TWA

This one is for all the beautiful Teeny Weeny Afros out there! TWA’s have been a pillar of natural haircuts since the beginning of time. And you might think that having a TWA means you can’t experiment as much as you could with longer hair. But we have a few ideas that could change that. Here are 5 ways to switch up your TWA. 


Color Treated TWA


One way you can switch up your TWA is with color. When it comes to color, the possibilities are endless. You can go for something permanent, semi-permanent, or even color that can be removed in a wash or two. We do advise you to get any chemical coloring done by a professional to avoid any damage. But when it comes to color treatments like henna or colored wax, you can easily do those at home. 

Finger Waves 

Finger Waves on Natural Hair


Another way you can switch up your TWA is by playing with texture. Fingerwaves are a super cool way to do that. Depending on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair, you can do this style on soaking wet hair by applying mousse, or you can do this with mousse on heat straightened hair. No matter the method, you’ll want to wrap it tightly and let it dry before rocking your waves. 

Tapered Fade

Tapered Fade on Natural Hair


Here’s an edgier choice for when you’re looking for something radically different. A tapered fade can frame your face and give you a completely different look. We recommend finding a photo you like and taking it to a professional hairstylist unless you have experience giving this kind of haircut. 


Natural Hair TWA


Accessorizing with rubber bands, hair clips, pins, ect. Is an easy way to switch up your TWA. There’s no wrong way to do it. Just get creative and make it your own! 

Comb Coils/Finger Coils

Coils on Natural Hair


Another method for playing with texture is comb coils or finger coils. If you have a longer TWA, you can do either method. If your TWA is a bit shorter, comb coils with a fine tooth comb should do the trick. The versatility of this style makes it a perfect way to switch up your TWA. 

What are some ways you switch up your TWA? Share in the comments.

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