Should I Deep Condition My Hair or Do a Protein Treatment?

Do you have damaged hair? Are you looking for a way to help your strands recover faster? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might want to look into a deep conditioning or protein treatment.

Deep conditioning is an effective way to treat damaged hair and reverse some of the damage caused by heat exposure, split ends, and hair breakage. Protein treatments are meant to restore curl strength and elasticity, while also promoting hair growth. 

The question is, which treatment should you use? That depends on a few things, including the condition of your hair. Both deep conditioning and protein treatments can be done at home, which eliminates the need for a salon treatment. We’ve got all the facts you need in this article so that you can confidently choose what to do.

What Is Deep Conditioning? 

Deep conditioning is a crucial part of the detangling process after washing curly hair. You achieve the best outcome by letting it sit in your hair for 30 minutes post-shampoo. 

This will help to improve the overall health and condition of your hair by producing softer and tamer curls, while promoting stronger hair growth and greater length retention. 

You should deep condition your hair at least once or twice per week.

How to Do a Deep Conditioning Treatment

The deep conditioning process is quite simple when you use the INDULGE Deep Conditioner. You’ll want to begin with a clean, fresh-smelling head of hair. Apply the conditioner to your strands after washing your hair with your favorite shampoo

Once you comb it gently through your curls, wrap it up in a shower cap and sit back for 30 minutes. By doing so, you’ll allow the conditioner to sink into your hair and begin to restore the natural oils. Stay covered with your towel as you do so.

Feel free to rinse out the conditioner after 30 minutes. You’ll initially want to rinse it out with warm water, then switch the water to cool to lock in the hydration.

We recommend following this up with a leave-in conditioner like the LAVISH Leave-In Conditioner. This will further moisturize and detangle your curls.

Good Deep Conditioners vs. Bad Deep Conditioners

The best deep conditioning treatments are designed to soften, detangle, and lock moisture in your hair (like INDULGE). There are many types of conditioners, ranging from anti-frizz to color-protecting.

The right deep conditioner creates intensely moisturized and manageable hair. The wrong conditioner can leave your hair feeling greasy and weighed down. That’s because most store-bought conditioners, while highly effective, can also be heavy handed.

What Is a Protein Treatment? 

A protein hair treatment is a type of restorative treatment that is used to replenish moisture, improve elasticity, and strengthen curls for a healthier look and feel. Protein treatments are ideal for damaged hair and are often formulated with hydrolyzed protein. 

This form of protein is an extremely powerful hair repair vegetable protein. A protein treatment may be right for you if you’re aiming to bring lifeless curls back to life. You should include protein in your hair regimen at least once a month. 

The STRENGTHEN Protein + Moisture Balancing Treatment will change your life. Harsh protein treatments harden your hair and don’t provide your curls with enough moisture or protein. Our treatment is formulated with the highest-quality ingredients, infused with hydrolyzed protein, and very gentle on your curls. It also leaves your hair feeling ultra moisturized.

The Drawbacks of Protein Treatments

Moisture wise, protein treatments are not as beneficial as deep conditioning for curls. While they are a great way to produce healthier curls, they are not as effective at sealing in moisture as deep conditioning treatments are. For this reason, protein treatments are best used as a restorative treatment.

How to Do a Protein Treatment

Protein treatments ARE NOT a replacement for shampoo. Because they are meant to rehydrate your hair, it’s best to use this treatment in conjunction with your shampooing routine. The protein treatment process is pretty easy to follow. Apply a good amount of product to damp, clean hair. Comb it through from roots to ends for best results. 

A Deep Conditioning vs. Protein Treatment: Which Is Better?

It’s a bit of a coin toss between the two! While both have the ability to help increase the amount of moisture in your hair, protein treatments are best for restoring damaged curls. Deep conditioning treatments are great for protecting your curls from future damage. 

The best part? You can use one or the other depending on your needs. If you have dry hair, then a protein treatment for natural hair can help restore some of the moisture it’s lacking.

If you have oily hair, then a deep conditioning treatment can help to get rid of some of the residue that’s coating it, allowing it to retain more moisture.

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