What Is Pre-Poo and Do You Really Need It?

If you want to know what it means to pre-poo, the key benefits of pre-pooing, and pro tips on how to do it at home, keep reading!

What Is Pre-Pooing? 

Pre-poo is a shortened version of the term “pre-shampoo.” It’s a popular treatment that curly and kinky-haired individuals can especially benefit from. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this wash-day step, the first thing you should know is that it can work miracles when utilized to restore damaged, dry, or tangled hair. 

Most pre-poo products fall into either one of two categories: clarifying (e.g., scrubs rinses, and detoxifying serums) or moisturizing (e.g., oils or hair masks). Both are formulated for hair and scalp.

The pre-pooing process involves application of a primer treatment prior to your regular shampoo routine. Pre-poo treatments are designed to add a protective layer of moisture to your hair during normal washes. 

While clean hair is a must for your healthy hair journey, it’s important to create a consistent wash regimen but not overdo it. Excessive shampooing can actually strip your tresses of essential natural oils. The consequence of going overboard with your cleansing regimen? Dry, brittle, and damaged curls. 

Pre-pooing keeps that moisture intact as you wash your natural curls. Poor hair hygiene and overexposure to heat/chemical treatments can also cause damage. In these cases, pre-pooing can serve as the perfect restorative treatment.

The Benefits of Pre-Pooing

If you’re new to the concept of pre-pooing, you’re probably questioning the point of applying product to your hair pre-wash. It isn’t a necessary step in your wash-day process. However, it can help stimulate hair growth and bring out the beauty of your natural curl pattern.

Here are the main benefits of pre-pooing that you should know.

  • Replenishes moisture in dry locks, which in turn creates softer and shinier curls
  • Makes detangling your hair a lot easier
  • Maximizes the efficacy of your conditioner, which minimizes hair breakage 
  • Protects hair follicles and restores your hair’s natural oils 
  • Removes product buildup with ease 

Another great benefit of pre-pooing is that it makes styling a breeze. A lack of natural oils in your hair can cause your follicles to frizz. With pre-pooing helping to preserve those oils, your curls are better equipped to hold their own when you try different shapes and textures.

Does MICHE Beauty Approve of Pre-Pooing? 

Here’s where we stand with pre-pooing: If you like it, we love it! Finding treatments that work well with your curl pattern can take time to explore. Whenever you find a treatment that consistently produces successful results, you should most definitely stick with it. 

That doesn’t go without saying that pre-pooing won’t fit everyone’s needs. Individuals with over-moisturized hair may find it unnecessary to include this step in their wash routines.

Pre-pooing benefits tighter curl patterns more prone to shrinkage and dryness. It’s especially game-changing for curlies who struggle to comb knots and tangles after a wash.

All in all, it never hurts to give pre-pooing a try and test your hair’s reaction. Only then will you know if it’s worth the extra step. 

How Often You Should Pre-Poo

The frequency of your pre-pooing regimen is typically contingent on the product and your curl pattern. Using a clarifying formula and a treatment once every month should do the trick. With moisturizing formulas, you’re better off pre-pooing more frequently than that.

If you have a looser curl pattern, you probably won’t need to pre-poo as much as an individual with drier, kinkier curls. Rather than everyday pre-pooing, occasional treatments of this nature are more suitable for fine to medium-textured hair. 

If your hair feels bogged down after a pre-poo, you might want to try a deep conditioner as product placement. Customization of your treatment is key! 

What Products to Use When Pre-Pooing

Depending on your hair goals, your way of pre-pooing may look different than another’s approach.

When pre-pooing for hair hydration purposes, you can’t go wrong with a hair mask or pre-poo with oil. Babassu oil works well as a hydrating pre-poo treatment, as it actually penetrates your hair strands and provides generous amounts of moisture.

The best pre-poo for clarifying treatments are either detoxifying serums, scrubs, or rinses. 

Pre-Pooing Tips to Set You Up for Success 

Here are a few general rules of thumb when doing a pre-poo.

Coat Pre-Poo Products on Dry Hair 

It’s best to apply pre-poo products when your hair is dry. Section your curls into 4-8 parts, or however many parts are needed to satisfy the thickness of your hair. Let the product permeate evenly through your scalp and hair (from roots to ends).

Detangle Section by Section

After coating your hair with the product, carefully detangle each section with a wide-tooth comb. Get rid of all knots and tangles before moving on to the next step.

Let The Product Sink In While You’re Showering 

Cover your head with a shower cap once you’re finished detangling. It’s good practice to take a shower thereafter. Shower heat along with your shower cap will help speed up the absorption process as the oils penetrate your hair follicles. 

For best results, let the pre-poo formula seep into your hair follicles for a minimum of 30 minutes. The goal is to leave it in for as long as possible. Try to either: a) pre-poo in the morning and wash it out hours later, or b) pre-poo in the evening, wrap your hair, and let it stay in until the next morning. 

Thoroughly Wash, Condition, and Rinse Your Hair

Resume your normal wash-day routine after completing the pre-poo regimen. A thorough rinse should get rid of all product residue.

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