10 Easy Ways To Grow Your Natural Hair Longer And Retain Length

Have you recently done the big chop, or maybe you’re currently transitioning, or just aspire to have long hair? With a little patience and good hair practices, you can achieve long, healthy, natural hair. You can’t speed up the growth process as hair grows approximately a quarter to half an inch per month but you can do things to help improve the quality of your hair. Plus, what you can definitely control is length retention and preventing hair breakage. Read on to discover 10 easy ways to achieve longer hair and retain length. 


1. Prioritize Your Scalp


A healthy scalp is a great foundation for quality hair growth. Washing your hair and scalp weekly to eliminate dirt, buildup, dandruff or other scalp issues is essential to healthy hair growth. When shampooing your hair, be mindful of cleansing your scalp with your fingertips instead of your fingernails and wash your hair in medium sections to avoid massive tangles. Lastly, stimulate your scalp by giving yourself weekly scalp massages with a nourishing oil to increase blood flow and strengthen your edges. 

2. Deep Condition Weekly

Dry hair is one of the main causes of breakage which affects length retention. The best way to combat dry hair is through weekly deep conditioning treatments. Use a deep conditioner like our super-moisturizing Indulge Deep Conditioner and activate it by sitting under a hooded dryer or a steamer for approximately 15-30 minutes. For more deep conditioning tips, check out our ultimate guide to deep conditioning


3. Detangle Gently

Detangle your curls gently with care and patience. Always detangle while hair is damp or wet and remember to work in sections starting from ends to roots with a wide-tooth comb or curl-friendly brush. Finger detangling also will work wonders for detangling and helps to lessen breakage. The wrong detangling technique can cause breakage and split ends so be mindful when you’re brushing or combing your hair. Want more detangling tips? Check out our blog post 6 Dos And Don’ts To Detangling Your Natural Hair. 

4. Use Products With Nourishing Ingredients


 Your hair will thrive when you use products that deliver the nourishment and moisture it needs. Look out for quality products and ingredients that are made for textured hair types. Stay away from harmful ingredients like sulfates and silicones and use products that are nutrient-rich like our fan-favorite Lavish Leave-In Conditioner


5. Do More Protective Styles

A great way to retain length is to wear a protective style. Protective styles like braids, twists, wigs, and buns help to lessen manipulation and keep your hair protected from the elements. It’s important to not wear protective styles for too long and to avoid styles that are too tight and cause tension to your hairline. Need some protective style inspiration? Read our blog post 10 Stunning Protective Hairstyles You Need to Try This Year. 


You’re one step closer to healthy hair. Watch the video below to recreate an easy hair care routine for all curly hair types.



6. Limit Heat Styling

To achieve healthy hair you must limit your use of hot styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. Heat styling can damage your curls by permanently altering your curl pattern and weakening your strands. If you must use heat, always use a heat protectant, make sure your hair is properly moisturized, and keep temperatures low. It only takes one styling session to get heat damage so to be on the safe side, avoid heat tools and use a hooded dryer instead. 

7. Keep Your Hair Balanced 



When your hair’s protein/moisture levels are balanced, it will truly flourish. If your hair’s protein levels are off, your curls will be weak and limp while if you have protein overload, your hair will be brittle and dry. Be sure to establish a balancing regimen that includes water-based moisturizers, sealants, and protein treatments to prevent breakage and limit frizz. Try our Strengthen Protein/Moisture Balancing Deep Conditioner to increase hair strength and nourish your curls. 


8. Get Regular Trims

You can’t retain length and have healthy hair without getting regular trims. Without regular trims, split ends can cause more breakage by working their way up the hair shaft. Getting a trim every three to four months will keep your hair healthy and will result in less hair needing to be cut off over time. An added plus – your curls will look and feel their best. Want tips on how to trim your hair yourself? Check out our ultimate guide to trimming your hair at home


9. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is where it all begins. Healthy hair starts from the inside out so eating well and weekly exercise will deliver the nutrients your hair needs to grow. Be sure to check with your doctor for any vitamin deficiencies, high-stress levels, or underlying diseases as that can be a key factor for hair loss or thinning hair. Through a nutrient-rich diet, daily water consumption, and regular exercise, your hair will be well-positioned for growth. 


10. Protect Your Hair At Night

Don’t let your good hair practices go to waste. Protect your hair at night by wearing a silk or satin-lined scarf, bonnet, or pillowcase. Cotton will absorb the moisture from your hair and cause friction leading to breakage and frizz. Satin and silk retain moisture in your strands and cause less friction. Shop our high-quality satin bonnets and pillowcases to maintain and protect your hair.


With our tips, you are now well on your way to longer, healthier hair. Comment below with your thoughts on this post and subscribe to our newsletter for more healthy hair tips.



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